Free Crocodile Stitch Flower Pattern

Free Crocodile Stitch Flower Pattern

We designed this free Crocodile Stitch Flower to help give a little extra pop to accessories, home decor, and even gift wrappings. You can make these in all the colors of the rainbow and hang them up from a string for a sweet banner decoration. Or whip one of these up and attach them to the top of a specially wrapped. You can even add one to a cute hat for a little splash of color and style. This is one of the quickest and best stash busting patterns you’ll ever come across. Pattern is listed below.


  • Small amount of scrap yarn. (This project can be worked in any yarn weight. Gauge is not crucial.)
  • A 1” button of your choosing.
  • Crochet hook size of your preference.

Ch 7, join with SL ST in first CH to form a ring.

Rnd 1 : * CH 10, SL ST in next CH, REP from * around, join with SL ST in first CH – (7 CH-10 loops)

Rnd 2 : [SC, HDC, 8 DC, CH 2, 8 DC, HDC, SC] in first CH-10 SP * [SC, HDC, 8 DC, CH 2, 8 DC, HDC, SC] in next CH-10 SP, REP from * around, join with SL ST in first SC. Fasten off. – (7 petals)

Finishing : Attach a 1” button sewn through the center of the flower. You may also sew Croco-Flower on a brooch setting so it is removable.

We love seeing photos of your finished work, so send us an email with a shot or share them with us through Facebook! Make sure to stay tuned to the blog for more free crochet patterns!

53 thoughts on “Free Crocodile Stitch Flower Pattern

  1. Rebecca from ChemKnits

    I am in love with this flower. It has such a modern twist for a crochet flower. I think I’ll make it to go onto a headband for a little girl. (Of course, I have a 3 month old son… my friends better start having some more girls!)

  2. brittany

    is there any chance you could make a video of how to crochet this amazing flower ?! I have been trying for 3 days and I cannot get my petals to lay correctly. HELPP

      1. Peggy

        My petals are coming out completely wrong, Their outside edges are fine, but I end up with a giant space around the inside of the chain of each flower. The inside of the petals don’t come together like yours do. They each have a big oval “hole” in the middle rather than coming together, like the center seam of the flower. No center seam, just a center oval hole in each petal. HELP!!! What am I missing? Many thanks!!

  3. nafisa

    I love crocadile sticth, and have made several bracelets, it will be interesting to try this pattern of a broach, thanks a lot.

  4. Jeannie

    Prettiest flower I’ve ever seen. Will be making a lot of these for future projects!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  5. Cindy D

    I also tried the pattern a few times and couldn’t get the petals to lay flat. I am using a size G hook and med weight yarn. I am so determined to make it work, love this flower so much. Your help is greatly appreciated.

  6. Judy McNally

    Thank you so much for the pattern of this amazing flower. Will use it on a hat I am making and a jacket as well. I was looking for just the right flower and here it is.

  7. brandi

    I have mad a few of these as well and they sure don’t look like picture. they are still super cute, but cannot get them to look as perfect as the one in pic. anyone figured this out yet?

  8. Crystal

    Oh, oh, oh, can’t wait to do this!! I’ll dig yarn out as soon as I type this. I have a white crochet purse this will go on. I’ve made umpteen different flowers and bows for it in colors to match my clothes. The purse is done in double crochet with popcorn stitches so I sew a good sized button on the back of the flowers and bows that just buttons between the stitches, easy on and easy off.

    1. Post author

      Sounds like an awesome idea, Crystal. I love crocheted purses. We can wear it year-round and best of all, we can flaunt our loved craft around. I’ve always preferred crocheting items that can be worn, seen and admired. I love when people come to me and ask me “where did you buy this pretty thing?” and I can say I made it. It was because I worn my creations out and got enough people stopping me to find out where to buy them that I decided that crochet designing could be a new career for me. I’d love to see pictures of your finished purse on my Facebook page (if you’re there): or by email:

  9. margaret anderson

    Hello to all crafty hands. Greetings from England .Love this pattern . Would be great on winter hats.

  10. spruett15

    Simple, beautiful and quick!! I absolutely LOVE this little flower. I’m going to make a ton of them in different colors and see what I come up with. Maybe different sizes as well. They are just lovely!

  11. priscilda

    i love that beautiful project.i would like to have some christmas projects. plz forward me some of your projects.. thank you..have a nice day :)

  12. Judy

    Looks really cute – want to make for my granddaughters. Do you care if I use this pattern to add to things I make and selll?

  13. Angelica

    Wow! Fabulous! I’ll start one at once… it’s really pretty and was trying to figure it out myself last night 😉
    Thank you so much for sharing your talent

  14. Delores Armstrong

    I crochet this flower and used on christmas gifts as my bow. Everyone really liked them. And in middle of flower I put a deckative buttom.

  15. Holly

    Love this flower… I hadn’t “crocodiled” anything yet, so it was a nice intro to the stitch for me! Love it. I also think the button in the center is a nice touch. I have a ton of quirky, vintage buttons that are PERFECT for these flowers. Thanks so much for the great pattern!

  16. k hysell

    I left a reply earlier not sure if posted . I would like to crochet more different patterns. I have 3 great nieces and one on the way. I need things to keep me busy. We lost our mother back in November of last year. .I finally got how to do a granny square. I have done mainly easier things blankets, pet pads. Scarfs, etc…..thanks in advance. My grandmother’s taught me how to crochet. My aunt judy also she can make anything dresses for children and adults. Clothes, blankets, vests…….. I got an email from you and confirmed can you let me know if you received. Thsnks

  17. Jean in NH

    Just made one to attach to a hat for my brand new great niece! Used a size 7 hook and worsted weight yarn and the flower measures about 4-1/4 inches across. Great pattern, easy to follow – thank you so much!

    I am thinking of doing these in red and white with yellow French knots in the center – pointsettias for Christmas!

  18. Shannel

    I love this flower, it took me about 3 times to do it correctly, untill i actually looked at the picture. i started off tight cause i wasnt sure and then i went loose and it came out beautiful.


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