CAL Intro and FAQ

Welcome to our Bonita Patterns Crochet-Alongs! We are a diverse group of crafters from all over the world who love to crochet along with like-minded people. Our goal is to design CALs that will showcase unique patterns and techniques that will help you evolving your skills in a supportive, educational and FUN community.



A CAL, or “Crochet Along,” is an online event where a group of crocheters work together on one or more projects, which are divided into parts  with a set schedule. Some CALs can last a month, others months and years. There are also Mystery CALs or MCALs, where you don’t see the project completed beforehand, designers will disclose only the kind of item you’ll be crocheting and materials list. Each part of the pattern will be a “clue” to how the finished project will look like.

CALs are often hosted online on blogs, social media groups and communities by designers, yarn companies and fiber industry company to engage their audience and promote their work and products. Some CALs are free, others free for a limited time, some paid or discounted. It depends on the host model. However, there are also several CALs that are not sponsored by companies and are groups there are just like-minded who run their own communities of interest.

CALs are ideal to work on projects that are “out of your comfort zone”, to learn a new skill or technique because you’ll receive support from professionals and other crocheters willing to help you with questions.



You can follow news of our CALs events by reading our Bonita Patterns Blog, but the latest news and real value of support you’ll receive by Joining the Bonita Patterns CALs group on Facebook. We also recommend you sign up to our Newsletter to receive updates.



The Bonita Patterns Crochet Alongs schedule or duration of CALs is based on time needed to get materials and project and design needs (size, skill, techniques) for completion. We might have small projects that can be completed in within a month and others in several months.

To find out the Bonita Patterns CALs Calendar visit HERE.



Although it’s fun to start together, you can join our CALs whenever you like, at your pace. You might just miss a special offer of a free or discounted pattern during the CAL duration. We will maintain information about our past CAL events in our Bonita Patterns Blog. Also, you’ll always receive our support on our Bonita Patterns CALs on Facebook.



We plan to offer both free and paid CALs. However, some CALs may be free for a limited time only, others paid with a great discount, paid bonus products (books, videos), etc. We will include information in all our communications. Just make sure to read the rules of the CAL(s) you are participating.