Multi-CAL: Stitching An American Dream

Stitching An American Dream Multi-CAL Event


I am beyond excited for this event!  Not only it’s a start of a new crochet adventure, but November also happens to be the 20th anniversary of my arrival in the US.  How fitting, setting sail toward new ventures!

While we crochet along, I’ll tell you my story and adventures in a series that I call “Stitching an American Dream.” I hope to keep you entertained!  Because after all, I feel a CAL is much more than than just working on a pattern together, it is also, or even mostly, about community, mutual support, and fun!  You can keep up with my story posts here.

On to event info!

Stitching an American Dream is a grand multi-project CAL event, featuring not one, but FOUR Crochet-Along projects. The event runs from Tuesday, November 14 through January 15, 2018, and you can participate in any or  all of them. We have curated the projects based on difficulty, expected completion time, and variety of technique.


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FAQ: What is a CAL anyway?


The Four CALs


Crocodile Stitch Convertible Mittens CAL

STARTS TODAY, November 14th! Check it out here!

We have had many requests for cool and speedy projects from holiday gift-makers, and from folks who sell finished items.  We have listened!




  • TUE, November 14, 2017: Supplies List & Giveaway
  • FRI, November 24, 2017: Part one of Convertible Gloves pattern
  • FRI, December 1st, 2017: Part two of Convertible Gloves pattern



Crocodile Stitch Fingerless Gloves Khaleesi CAL


This is actually a redux of one of my earliest patterns, the Crocodile Stitch Wristwarmers which have gone viral several times in the past.   It is another short and popular project, perfect for the upcoming holidays.




  • FRI, November 17, 2017: Supplies List & Giveaway
  • MON, November 27, 2017: Part one of Crocodile Stitch Fingerless Gloves Khaleesi pattern
  • SAT, December 2, 2017: Part two of Crocodile Stitch Fingerless Gloves Khaleesi pattern


Ruffled Victorian Cowl CAL



This Ruffled Victorian-inspired cowl was designed by my mom, Rachel Azulay (who is the queen of easy yet beautiful and fashion forward designs.)

It features a no-fuss technique for 3D ruffles, without needing to fasten off every row or requiring lots of weaving in the end. One and done!




  • SAT, November 18, 2017: Supplies List & Giveaway
  • SAT, November 25, 2017: Part one of Ruffled Victorian Cowl pattern
  • MON, December 4, 2017: Part two of Ruffled Victorian Cowl pattern


Mystery Shawl CAL

If you trust my designs, or just plain can resist a mystery, I invite you to follow the mystery path of what  actually may be my finest creation to date!



  • MON, December 4, 2017: Supplies List & Giveaway
  • MON, December 18, 2017: Clue One
  • MON, January 8, 2018: Clue Two
  • MON, January 15, 2018: Clue Three
  • MON, January 22, 2018: Clue Four